Telemarketing is the process of introducing a company’s goods or services over the telephone to a prospective buyer. Our aim is for this initial approach to result in a formal meeting with your desired prospect.


Telemarketing is beneficial in a number of ways. We start by identifying companies who make up your target market and see the process right through to securing an introductory meeting for you.

The process involves finding the correct decision maker at your prospective companies and determining whether or not they meet certain criteria that identifies them as a viable customer. We will generate an initial lead, giving them relevant information on your offering and creating a continual sales pipeline.


Although not all offerings are suitable for a telemarketing approach, every business can benefit from the right exposure to its target market. If you have a need to meet with other businesses, in order to introduce your product or service, having a professional marketer dedicated to identifying leads and making appointments with the right people can be hugely beneficial and will save you both time and money.

Using us to acquire leads and deal with the early part of the sales process means that your sales team will be free to spend more of their time winning new business while we take care of the more onerous task of an initial introduction and building a continual sales pipeline is in process.


We are The Key to growing your business. We believe that by adopting the correct, focused approach before a call is made and continuing that through to you winning the business seperates us from our competition.  Return on investment is our focus and not just numbers of calls, conversations or appointments. Because we care about all aspects of the telemarketing process we know that we set the highest possible standards and these mean that we achieve the best possible results.

Alongside our telemarketing approach we also offer lead generation, data cleansing and data acquisition services.

Lead Generation

This is the process of determining companies that may be relevant for your offering and introducing your business, if there is a relevant degree of interest and the prospect fits your desired criteria this may be passed to your sales team to call if a face to face meeting is not required. 

Data Cleansing

This is the process of contacting companies to determine information that will aid you in selling your product or services. We can cleanse data to determine the correct decision maker, contact details, size of business, contract or review periods.

Data Acquisition

We can work with you to acquire data to fit your target market, this can be determined by a number of criteria and provide a vital starting point for a successful telemarketing campaign.