Over the years we've worked for variety of clients in a wide range of industries. Here are the results of our telemarketing labours and if you'd like a little more detail you can download the full case studies to read at your leisure.

-Automotive - Fleet Management

Appointments at a corporate level over a 12 month period which resulted initially in 660 units being sold. As our clients were pioneers in the field of managing work related road safety and one of the first companies to provide a solution they were very impressed with such quick results and considering the bill had yet to be passed they were over the moon to have clients using the system.


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-Bank of Scotland Vehicle Finance

During a three month pilot campaign we made 40 qualified appointments. The client was so pleased with the quantity and quality of the appointments that we were asked to continue for a further 6 months. Over this period a further 106 Appointments were obtained with 90% of appointments being booked with the clients preferred contact which was a Financial Director or equivalent. A total of 146 appointments were made which resulted in a large number of new clients for the Bank of Scotland.


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-FAP Europe

The initial retail campaign saw 28 appointments obtained equalling around 25% of FAP’s target marketplace. Obtaining such a high number of appointments with financial directors in the top 100 retail companies resulted in The Key being asked to expand into the commercial sector and focus not only on purchase audit but also the property and fraud services offered by FAP. The commercial campaign saw a further 34 appointments obtained and these contained a mix of both purchase, fraud and property led appointments. Despite working through extremely trying economic conditions Dynamo exceeded FAP’s expectations in both the quality and quantity of the appointments gained.


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-Madison King Associates

After working just 20 days, we achieved 8 qualified appointments and a pipeline of future opportunities. 6 out of 8 Appointments converted to Clients whilst 2 others are still in negotiation stages.


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In only 12 weeks working only 3 days a week, we’ve helped One-Chem acquire 110 active stockists from a total of 123 appointments. An unparrelled success with an amazing 89% of appointments converting to sales.


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-Automotive - Valeting

The pilot campaign was incredibly successful with 12 appointments being obtained within the 20 day period. A number of future leads were also obtained creating a future pipeline for our client. Our client was ‘ecstatic’ with the results and wished to run the campaign for a further 10 months. After 60 days The Key obtained in excess of 30 appointments a number of which are now taking advantage of our clients services. From the appointments made in the first 3 months of the campaign our client has covered the cost of the campaign for the current 10 month arrangement.


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-Tax Efficient Fleet Funding

Our tailored approach and research into targeted approaches resulted in 90 Appointments over 12 months with an average fleet size of 238 cars. On the back of core business we also introduced a number of opportunities for ancillary services such as vehicle rental and online mileage capture. The large number of appointments targeted at director level and with companies whom would get the best reward from the scheme was the ideal arrangement to maximise the opportunity for new business.


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Why we believe we are different

The Key’s foundations come from our founders experience of Telemarketing.

This experience covers:

  • working in a large ‘call centre style’ telemarketing operation,
  • working internally for a company arranging appointments for a sales team,
  • working in field sales and suffering at the hands of poorly qualified and irrelevant appointments
  • experiencing great success with campaigns by adopting the right approach and caring about the outcome
  • watching campaigns fail when knowing that a different attitude and approach could have made them successful
  • selling Telemarketing and hearing of poorly executed campaigns with little or no results​

From all this experience we are determined to prove that The Key can be the best and most cost effective way to gain new business.